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    How to study overseas: OIEC holds a lecture to share exchange students programs and their learning experience

    2019年10月23日 09:42 Liao Xu 点击:[]

    Office of International Exchange and Cooperation holds a lecture to share exchange students programs and their learning experience at Baoshan and Huaxi Campus, respectively, on October 18 and 21, 2019.

    The lecture consisted of two parts: OIEC teachers’ brief introduction to exchange programs and learning experiences shared by outstanding exchange students from Schools of International Education, Big Data, and Education.

    Giving the detailed information of ongoing programs, global partners and corresponding financial-support policies, the lecture aimed at broadening students’ global vision, increasing their international consciousness, boosting their confidence to have an outbound study experience as well as realizing the great importance of such an experience.

    Former exchange students WANG Wenchang , GONG Yueting, majoring in Marketing and Education respectively, shared their exchange experiences in Korea and Taiwan District, strongly recommending all attendees to get themselves fully prepared and grab the opportunity of studying aboard. ‘It is really worth having such a wonderful and meaningful time overseas with increasing knowledge and foreign friends’.

    These lectures also help to advance the university strategy and process of education internationalization and develop high-leveled talents with global vision and international competitiveness.

    (Editor: Liu Zecun)

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