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    I.Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University Rector Ivanov Vladimir Visits GZNU

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    A delegation fromI.Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University (CHGPU), led bythe University RectorIvanov Vladimir visited GZNU on October 15, 2019.

    GZNU Party Secretary Han Hui met Ivanov in Huaxi Campus and GZNU Vice-president Zhao Shouying presided over the meeting. Han extended her warm welcome to Ivanov’s first visit to GZNU and reviewed, with the rector, the joint efforts to advance mutual cooperation since the agreement was reached and signed.Close interactions between universities’ heads, effective communication in the functional departments and mutual assistance among faculty and students, ensured the exchange programs were implemented smoothly. Especially the ‘Guizhou Normal University-I.Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical UniversityChinese Language Study Center’ established in CHGPU by both universities has now become an important communication platform between CHGPU and GZNU. Han hoped both parties to strengthen and expand the cooperation under the background with teachers’ education characteristics and in the purpose of promoting social development, and especially the educational development as their duties. She also hoped the Chinese Language Study Center continue to play apositiverole in promoting Chinese culture and provide better service for faculty and students of both universities.


    Ivanov thanked Han’s warm reception and highly praised the Chinese Language Study Center’s significant efforts in promoting Chinese language and culture in local areas and GZNU’s great contribution to the Center’s development, hoping what both parties do for a cooperation today will be remembered by posterity in the future.


    After Han’s meeting, the delegation visited School of Foreign Languages and attended the opening ceremony of ‘Guizhou Normal University-I.Y. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical UniversityRussian Language Center’. As addressing on the ceremony, GZNU President Xiao Yuanping expressed his congratulation to the establishment of the Center and sincerely welcome to the CHGPU Rector. Xiao also appreciated all teachers and students for their hard work to the Center.

    Noting that theRussian Language Center was not only a significant event forGZNU’s global cooperation but also of great importance at the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia, Xiao hoped the Center toseize this historical opportunity, work effectively on the building of the Center and play a positive role in developing Russian language major, building a cultural exchange platform, further strengthening international cooperation and working on Russian academic research.




    (Editor: Liu Zecun)

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