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    Research at GZNU


    Research is an essential endeavor at GZNU. Since 2011, we have undertaken 1 national key R&D project, 355 national research projects and over 980 provincial research projects.

    Renowned for the rich scientific resources, our university houses 4 National Platforms (for students’ off-campus practice, further education of professionals, teachers’ training, social sports instructors’ training), 2 National Demonstration Centers (for experiment teaching, and comprehensive experiment and training of education), 1 State Key Lab Incubation Base for Karst Mountain Ecology Environment of Guizhou Province, 1 State Engineering Technology Institute for Karst Desertification Control, 1 National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Key Information Technology and Application of Karst Region, 1 National Science and Technology Park, 1 Model Base for Micro and Small Businesses Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 1 National Makerspace, 1 Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovationof China’s Ministry of Edcuation as well as boasts 1 Special Talents Team for Scientific and Technological Innovation of Ministry of Education of P.R.China.

    More and more national or provincial awards are granted with increasing achievements: 109 Provincial Research Awards, 2 National-Level Teaching Awards; 24 Province-Level Teaching Awards; 2 International Awards of Arts, 316 Approved Patents, 339 Academic Publications and over 4600 Published Professional Papers (recognized kernel journals included)


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